This summer, join me for a series of art classes in Red Deer to improve your skills, meet some new people, and have fun in a creative environment. I’ll be instructing these classes covering watercolor techniques, bookmaking, journaling, mixed media, portrait painting, and gelli plate art.

All classes take place at Red Deer Polytechnic in the month of July. Dive into summer with fresh artwork and new skills! Choose one class or take them all!

East Coast Watercolour Landscape SketchbookEast Coast Watercolor Sketchbook

Watercolor landscape painting can be an innately freeing process, capturing nature’s beauty while using a medium that is typically abstract and suggestive. In this class, you’ll learn how to create ink sketches of typical east coast scenes and complete them with watercolor paints.

We’ll cover the techniques used to paint foliage, skies, and buildings, as well as how to mix watercolor paints. This is a class for artists looking to learn watercolor painting for the first time, as well as those who want to improve their skills.

July 4-8, 2022 | 9a – 4p

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No Sew Book In A Box - Watercolor PaintingNo Sew Book in a Box

In this class, we’ll cover some special techniques using acrylic ink and watercolor paper to create a book without the need to sew anything. We’ll fill in our books with inspirational quotes, using hand lettering methods. We’ll cover the types of materials and supplies used and learn ways of applying them to create our inspirational accordion books. Come away from this class with a beautiful work of art, and new skills to make more when you get back to your studio.

July 16, 2022 | 9a – 4p

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The Book of Faces Portrait Painting Hand Lettering Art JournalingThe Book of Faces

In this multi-day class, we will work through a journey of emotions, creating uniquely artistic faces while journaling, combining a variety of mixed media techniques with hand lettering. Each day, we will focus on one journal prompt to create a face and a message.

This class is intended to lead the creative flow, encourage freedom of expression, and let go of inhibitions. Learn the therapeutic value of self-expression through art journaling. While this is not a drawing class, we will use techniques from mixed media, watercolor painting, portrait painting, and gelli plate art.

This is a class in which to let go of your fears and gain freedom through art. You’ll come away with a handmade book of unique faces and beautiful journaling.

July 18-22, 2022 | 9a – 4p

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If you live in Red Deer and are looking for local in-person art classes, this series of classes has much to offer. We cover a variety of techniques in watercolor painting, mixed media, journaling, and hand lettering, as well as bookmaking to get your creative juices flowing.

Join me at Red Deer Polytechnic in July to spend time with fellow artists, learn new techniques, and come away with complete, beautiful works of art.