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Hi, I’m Sally.

I’m a mixed-media artist and instructor from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I enjoy running, camping, hiking, cooking and spending time with my family. My whimsical style of art often incorporates a combination of lettering, watercolor, and book making. 

I believe everyone has the innate ability to create. My passion lies in inspiring others to experience the joy of creativity.

My desire to become an artist has been dramatically influenced by my father’s 17 year affliction with Alzheimer’s disease. I talk about this in my self published book “The Circle Club” a journey of hope and healing. Life is short! I’m here to live it to the fullest!

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Sally’s Book

The Circle Club

The Circle Club book is the journey of three women belonging to three different generations expressing their trials through poetry, artwork, and non-fiction prose. 

The journey from pain to a place of healing and redemption is presented as the growth of a garden rose. The book touches on subjects such as history, growth, family, sacrifice, death, grief, and peace. Glorious artwork by Sally, photographs and uplifting quotes are featured in each of the five chapters.

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Bringing art into the community is important to me. I believe that in sharing my techniques, I also get to share that same sense of gratification and expression that I receive from creating. My classes are fun and relaxed and structured in a way for you to achieve success.

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