Artist Statement

Leaves and Berries Watercolour by Sally Towers-Sybblis
Artist Statement

Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for creating. For me art and the expression of art is the ultimate form of communication.

I work in all types of media because my mind needs to be continually challenged with new ideas and techniques.

My process is simple: start and the painting will evolve and finish itself. Rarely do I have a preconceived idea prior to starting. Sometimes a word in mind will begin the process of evolution. The thought of the word as I’m painting creates the design.

Creating new surface designs on various substrates is very fulfilling to me. Lately I have taken to paper and canvas with the addition of calligraphic marks as a form of expression. Some of these papers are then sculpted into other objects such as books. The canvasses become large abstracted word art pieces or landscapes.

I love to use color in my work, the more color, the happier the work becomes. I want my work to reflect a sense of fun and spontaneity.

It is important for me as an artist to include community in my work. I do this by teaching classes on a regular basis. Sharing my techniques gives others that same sense of gratification and expression that I receive from creating.