A Cake and Confetti = Creativity!!

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Lately I seem to spend more time on technology than my creativity. In an effort to keep things creative, sometimes I have to use everyday activities to inject some creativity back into my life. Last week both my children had a birthday. It was an opportunity to create! As a budget crafter, I like to come up with ideas that don’t cost a lot. Here’s the cake I created. I found a photo of a cool cake from a bakery and recreated it with my own twist because of course, I was short on time!

Using the Farmers Market brand Belgian chocolate bundt cakes from Superstore, I purchased 3 and stacked them with a little icing between. It seemed like the weight of the cakes might cause sliding so I inserted 3 chopsticks into the 3 layers to keep things stable. The cost of those three cakes was $18. The other ingredients I used: 3 containers of frosting (2 vanilla and 1 chocolate), a bag of Presidents Choice Oreo cookies, a bag of small cookies and cream chocolate bars, a large bag of cookies and cream chocolate bars, and some fun candles from the dollar store, came to a grand total of $38, not bad for a designer cake!

My next step was to ice with vanilla frosting. I inserted a scrunched up styrofoam cup platform into the hole of the cake so items didn’t  fall through. Next, I heated up the chocolate frosting in a glass measuring cup just enough to make it pourable so it ran down the sides of the cake.


Finally, I added my remaining ingredients. I put a scewer behind the large chocolate bar on top just to keep it from falling. The cake was soft enough that I could  push the cookies and bars into it. Voila! I had created a cake in one hour!!

Onto the decorations! I used three different sized hole punches to make large pieces of confetti to scatter on the floor and tables. I didn’t spend a dime on this. I was able to use leftover card stock scraps that I had hanging around my studio.


The last step was to cover the tables with white gift wrap from the Dollartree I had leftover from Christmas. This way the kids who came could write birthday messages to my kids using of course the Sharpie markers I had in my studio.

My idea was a huge hit! The kids who came all  wrote or drew messages. I am so thankful to be blessed with two amazing children. And they have a selection of amazing culturally diverse friends too, which I am very thankful for.

How fun it is to be able to inject art into my daily life with a little bit of cake and creativity!

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