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Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to hike Parker Ridge near the Columbia Icefields. If you are looking for a relatively short and not too exhausting hike in the rockies, I would highly recommend this one. The hike to the top  takes around an hour and a half. It’s approximately 4.5 km to some of the most breathtaking views in the world. The elevation at the top of the ridge is around 2255 metres. From the top you can see the Saskatchewan River Glacier. For me, it was an opportunity to combine hiking with the creation of a great piece of art!! Art created with materials from the existing landscape. How could I resist?? Canada had just celebrated its 150th birthday, so I decided a Canadian themed sculpture was in order. I was limited with my materials. It was challenging, but here’s what I came up with.

If you look closely to the right, you can see the Saskatchewan River Glacier receding its way through the valley.

Now, just how big do these stones appear to be? And, can you imagine the weight of each?! My point is;  how you view things isn’t necessarily the way they are. If I am struggling with a piece of art, it’s probably time for me to change my perspective on how I see the project. What are the ways to do this you ask? Here are some suggestions: turn it upside down, looking at it from a different angle can elicit new ideas for creativity. Add in a color you don’t normally work with. Watch it transform! Let it be. Sometimes going back to it the next day gives you fresh eyes for seeing what you created. Remember the phrase, abscence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s true with art too!

I hope you make time to enjoy our beautiful mountain parks this summer. A visit may just change your perspective on how you see things!! For instance, this was the actual size of the inukshuk I created. 

Here are some more photos I took on the way down of some of the most amazingly beautiful alpine flowers.


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  1. Wendy Holly

    Always love your perspective Sally!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Sally Towers-Sybblis

      Thank you Wendy! Thanks for signing up for my email list! Hope your summer is going great!

  2. Gail Fournier

    Oh, Sally, what a good lesson in seeing things from a different angle! You completely fooled me! HA! What a glorious day for hiking with such a striking view at the top! You really are having a grand adventure. Happy travels!

    • Sally Towers-Sybblis

      Thank you Gail! I appreciate your comments. It was indeed glorious.
      I hope you are having an awesome summer

  3. Susan Roberts

    Hey Sally! This is absolutely wonderful! Love your inukshuk. He’s so little and cute…
    Thanks for this great trip up the mountain with you!

    • Sally Towers-Sybblis

      Thanks Susan! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Hope you’re having an awesome summer

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