Winter Inspiration

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Winter time is a great source of inspiration. On sunny days I like to head out for a run on our trail system. Often there are areas along the trail with various bird populations. On this particular day, my running … Continued

A Water Droplet

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One of the great qualities of watercolor paint is it’s ability to be lifted off the page after it’s painted. I’m going to demonstrate this in the example below. Keep in mind that all colors do not lift off equally. … Continued

My Little Precious🎃

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  Last week we worked on painting my tuxedo cat in my Friday Watercolor class. Watercolor, for some reason, seems to have somewhat of a bad reputation because it has been labeled as one of the more difficult mediums to … Continued

A Canadian Perspective On Art

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Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to hike Parker Ridge near the Columbia Icefields. If you are looking for a relatively short and not too exhausting hike in the rockies, I would highly recommend this one. The hike to … Continued

Enjoying Edmonton

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Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaching my Miniature Watercolor Book class for the Edmonton Calligraphic Society. It was a great class. Everyone created an amazing book! When I travel and teach, I like to do some sight seeing … Continued

Art While on Vacation

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I’m on my way with my good friend Cynthia to Seattle. We are staying with the amazing hosts Marilyn and Glen. This was my first encounter with public art at the Edmonton airport. Close to the Americain departure gate we … Continued