I’ve been wondering for a while every time I am in the Dollarama, do Dollarama art supplies really work? In order to test out my hypothesis, I had to purchase some of them!  I bought about $16 worth of supplies. I purchased some acrylic paints, a watercolour pad, and some felt pens.

The first thing I tried was the watercolour paper. It performed poorly and the paint actually seeped through the back of the page because of its poor quality. I even tried wetting out the water soluble markers I drew onto the page. The markers didn’t move with the water. Below are the watercolour paper and felt pens I was testing.

IMG 3812 IMG 3811

After my disappointment with the paper, I decided to try painting with the acrylic paints on the watercolour paper. They actually worked quite well. Below on the left are the paints I used. I could tell they were very poor quality because I had to use a lot of paint to get good colour. Most of the paint was filler that had been added. I was however, surprised by the results of the acrylic on the watercolour paper. Check out the first painting I did on the right.

IMG 3810IMG 3820

I actually quite liked the acrylic on the watercolour paper so much so I created another one with tulips.

IMG 3819

I did a whimsical village with my felt pens but I ended up adding some acrylic into this one as the water wouldn’t move the felt pens even though they are waterproof. I ended up doing another whimsical flower painting using my felt pens for that one too. I did not wet out any part of the image. I used just the coloured markers. I quite enjoyed working on this one too!

IMG 3817IMG 3818

I answered my question! Dollarama art supplies do work as long as you are open to trying new ways to use them such as the acrylic on the watercolour paper. But please don’t use the Dollarama watercolour paper for watercolour painting!

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