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Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaching my Miniature Watercolor Book class for the Edmonton Calligraphic Society. It was a great class. Everyone created an amazing book! When I travel and teach, I like to do some sight seeing around the places I go. Whyte Ave. is an amazing place in Edmonton. I’m always amazed when I am gifted great incidences/things. Check out this amazing door I found while wandering around Whyte Ave. When I run into things like this, I feel like the universe is talking to me. Another event that took place that same day, a white dove landed in front of my car shortly after I parked it. Like, what are the odds??

My time was precious so I decided I needed to head over to see the Legislature grounds. I like to visit this place every summer. If you have not been yet, I highly recommend going there especially on a hot day. There are lots of fountains and a wading pool. They have done a number of renovations over the last couple of years. A new series of fountains have been installed. This is one of them.


Check out the new gift shop called “Alberta Branded” where you can find amazing art created by Alberta artists.

And did you know the High Level bridge offers a trolley ride from Whyte Avenue to the Legislature grounds?

I love my life as an artist. And I especially love that I am gifted great places to teach like Edmonton.

I hope you spend some time there this summer. Remember, “Time Is Precious”.

Thank you for allowing me to share my life as an artist with you!





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    • Sally Towers-Sybblis

      You’re welcome Deb! Thanks for making time to read my blog

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