There is nothing like a wedding to spur you into action! I have a big backyard and my friend needed a place to get married so I offered up my place. Yikes! I was happy to let her get married in my yard but I started thinking about all that needed fixing inside my house!! I knew it was time for a living room makeover!

As it happened, that day I offered my house for the wedding, it was “Kick It To The Curb Day” in Red Deer. I love this event! It’s an opportunity to get rid of stuff! And best of all, someone who really needs what you have will get it for free! My couch had seen better days! It was 10 years old and was shedding the vinyl. There were so many people that came by to look at it. I added it to facebook marketplace as well and that created a flurry of activity!!

IMG 7489

Now it was time to head out in search of a new couch! I looked at so many!! I finally found one at Ashley Furniture Store. The salesman helping me assured me it was pet friendly and I needed pet friendly! It’s a micro fibre couch.I got it home and immediately my cats had to check it out! It was indeed pet friendly!

IMG 7725

I was going to paint my feature wall in my living room a turquoise colour. I figured that was a safe choice! What happened after that decision, spawned a whole series of changes. I was at Winners looking at some throw cushions and saw these really cool pink and orange pillows. I new right away I wanted them for my sofa. But wait!! There weren’t going to match my turquoise wall! I decided in that moment to paint my wall pink! I got so excited about my project after I had made that decision! I headed to Home Depot and bought my pink paint. The exact colour was, get this…”Diva Glam”!

Once the wall was done, I had to decide on a rug and a coffee table. A tool I use a lot in my creative process helped me along the way. Procreate, a great design app, allowed me to insert a photo of the rug I had seen outside at Jysk. It was an outdoor rug but I was so drawn to the colours in it. I took a photo of it and inserted it along with my couch into the app to see if it was going to work. It did and I ended up buying it. Below you can see the photo.

IMG 7721

My neighbour was decluttering her house and presto! I got a great little coffee table from her. I sprayed it with gold spray paint to give it a fresh new look.

IMG 7788

IMG 7724

I already had a grey club chair from Winners that worked with the arrangement and colour. I bought another little gold mirrored side table to go beside it. I had a lamp but the lampshade was black. I ended up wrapping the shade with an old piece of wallpaper that seemed so perfectly suitable.

The next issue became my pink wall. I tried several of my larger paintings on it but none of them worked. I ended up purchasing some mirrors to hang there instead of the paintings. I purchased these items at Winners, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Salvation Army Thrift Store. Once I got those all up, the room really came together! I was happy I had chosen a very unconventional wall colour as I believe it was the success to the entire room. I just had to ask myself “What if” and then go for it! Much like the creative process! I went where my intuition was prompting me to go!

Below is a photo of my backyard. For the wedding there was a tent that accommodated 35 people. It was such a beautiful wedding day!

IMG 7839