In this article, we’ll explore my top 10 tips for motivating yourself to finish those watercolour painting projects that have been patiently waiting for your creative touch.If you are a creative like me, you may have a collection of half-done watercolour projects gathering dust? There’s no time like the present to reignite your artistic flame and complete some of those unfinished masterpieces!


  1.   Set Achievable Goals:

Break down your project into smaller, manageable tasks. Setting achievable goals makes the overall process less daunting and allows you to celebrate progress along the way.

  1.   Create a Dedicated Workspace:

Designate a specific area for your watercolour endeavours. A well-organized and inspiring workspace can significantly boost motivation and focus.

  1.   Establish a Routine:

Incorporate painting into your routine, whether it’s a daily or weekly commitment. Consistency is key to overcoming procrastination and making steady progress.

  1.   Find Inspiration:

Explore art galleries, online platforms, or nature to find inspiration. Surrounding yourself with diverse artistic influences can reignite your passion for your own projects.

  1.   Join a Community:

Connect with fellow artists online or in-person. Sharing your progress and receiving feedback can provide valuable encouragement and a sense of accountability. I have a group on facebook called “Tips and Tricks for Watercolor Painting.

  1.   Experiment with Techniques:

Stuck in a creative rut? Try experimenting with new watercolour techniques. Embracing novelty can spark fresh enthusiasm and inject new life into your unfinished pieces.

  1.   Reward Yourself:

Establish a reward system for completing milestones. Treat yourself to something enjoyable after finishing a challenging section of your painting—it could be a small indulgence or a break doing something you love.

  1.   Embrace Imperfections:

Don’t let perfectionism hinder your progress. Embrace the beauty of imperfections in your watercolour paintings; they add character and uniqueness to your work.

  1.   Visualize the End Result:

Imagine the satisfaction of completing your watercolour project. Visualizing the finished piece can serve as a powerful motivator, propelling you towards the final strokes.

  1.   Reflect on Your Journey:

Take moments to reflect on the journey of each painting. Acknowledge the skills you’ve developed and the joy derived from the creative process. Use these reflections to fuel your determination to see your projects through to completion.

With these 10 motivational tips, you’re well-equipped to tackle those unfinished watercolour projects with renewed enthusiasm. Remember, the joy of completing a piece is as important as the finished artwork itself.

Now you’re all caught up and you may be wondering what to do next?! I have some great online watercolour classes you may want to try. You can see my selection here:

Happy painting!