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Welcome to Sally’s Online Gallery. Here you will discover Sally’s original pieces of art that you have seen throughout her site that you can add to your own collection at home or at your office.

Original Acrylics

Original Acrylics

Acrylic is fun medium to work with. You start with a few drops of paint, a spatula, some brushes, a few strokes here and there, blending the colors together to create visual beauty.

Original Water Colors 1

Original Watercolors

Watercolor is Sally’s favorite medium to paint with. Vibrant colors blend easily creating works of stunning beauty and detail.

Gelli Plate Originals

Gelli Plate Originals

Gelli plate printing is the most delightful process of printing papers with a variety of mediums using a printing plate made of firm gelatin. Each print has its own unique design.

Original Lettering 1

Original Lettering Art

Sally has fun with letters. One of the reasons her Lettering Classes are called Fun With Letters. Add Sally’s Original Lettering Art to your collection

Original Prints

Original Prints

The originals may no longer be available, but the prints are. Enjoy Sally’s best work in your home or office.

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