The Circle Club - book cover
The Circle Club: A Journey of Hope and Healing
The Circle Club – A Journey of Hope and Healing by Valerie Foerderer, Megan Kehoe and Sally Towers-Sybblis The Circle Club book is the journey of three women belonging to three different generations expressing their trials through poetry, artwork, and non-fiction prose. The journey from pain to a place of healing and redemption is presented as the growth of a garden rose. The book touches on subjects such as history, growth, family, sacrifice, death, grief, and peace. Glorious artwork by Sally, photographs and uplifting quotes are featured in each of the five chapters. Readers have already returned to purchase multiple copies to share with their friends and family, and have expressed their appreciation of the aesthetics of the book, and their gratitude for being able to relate to and connect to others who have shared painful parts of their lives in a raw, honest way.  The Circle Club offers a uniquely female perspective on the timeless power of family, youth, love, struggle, death, and new beginnings.
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