Spring Watercolour Book



Do you love watercolour but perhaps are intimidated by producing large pieces of art? This class is great for anyone looking to paint on a smaller scale. We build a book from scratch using a simple Japanese Stab binding. Each page is filled with delightful paintings of spring flowers. No previous watercolour experience is required to take this class. Learn how to paint whimsical flowers, poppies, geraniums, lilacs and sunflowers. Each page of the book has a different theme. You will also learn how to do some fun lettering to add to your pages. Watercolour painting has never been so enjoyable as it is in the Spring Watercolour Book! With the purchase of the class you will receive a pdf that contains the link to go to to access all 8 class documents. Download the pdf onto your computer and click on the link to gain access to the documents. Let me know when you have completed the book and as a bonus gift, I will send another class for you to finish you last 2 pages of your book!


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