When it comes to buying art supplies, not every artist can afford to purchase professional quality paints or brushes from the local art store. But does that mean you really need to sacrifice the quality of your finished painting? Not at all! You can still create a beautiful work of art using Dollarama art supplies (or any local dollar store).

Mixed Media Ideas

If you love creating texture like I do in your mixed media paintings, there are plenty of supplies you can buy from the dollar store to introduce new ideas.

Buy paper doilies and use them as stencils to create unique shapes and patterns in your artwork. Hint: buy the heart-shaped ones around Valentine’s Day for even cooler patterns!

Tissue paper, usually used to wrap gifts, makes fantastic textures in your artwork when applied using Mod Podge or any type of white glue that dries clear. Try a variety of different colours.

Artificial leaves, flowers, and other fun shapes are great tools to trace onto your paper or canvas to create background patterns. Trace using a regular Sharpie or other common pen in the colours you prefer.

If you like distressing your papers and items and need something smaller than a sheet of sandpaper, consider using a simple emory board!

Take a look around at all the various items found at the dollar store and let your imagination run away. There are so many possibilities!

Basic Art Supplies

If you’re looking for the basic necessities to painting, you can find all sorts of starter items at Dollarama. Plastic paint trays, stretched canvases, starter paintbrush sets, and affordable tubes of acrylic paint are all a great, cost-effective way to get started. Although the paints and brushes aren’t the same quality as those high-end versions at the art store, you can still use them to experiment, develop your skills, and create a very impressive, finished piece. No one has to know where you got your supplies!

Also a great tip: you don’t have to buy the expensive canvas drop cloth for under your painting area. Simply buy a plastic shower curtain at the dollar store instead. This solution can be used for years before you have to replace it, and it’s super affordable.


The basics of painting can still be achieved using Dollarama art supplies. Once you master the foundational concepts of what makes a good painting, you can achieve good pieces with any type of supplies. I tested out this theory and painted a floral arrangement myself to see if the outcome was acceptable, and I’m quite pleased with the results. Check out my Dollarama painting here, and watch the video below:


So even if you can’t, or don’t want to, afford the expensive art supplies at your local art store, you can still achieve great works of art with Dollarama art supplies.