Have you ever felt you wanted to try a new kind of artwork, but weren’t sure where to begin? Have you ever looked at your art supplies and thought about doing something completely different for a change of pace? If you’ve never tried eco printing, it might be time to explore this alternative style of artwork.

What Is Eco Printing?

Eco printing is the process of making imprints of natural materials, such as leaves or flowers, using the naturally occurring pigments, tannins, and acids found within the plants. These imprints can be made on paper or fabrics and then used in your mixed media artwork or handmade books.

Nature Makes Beautiful Patterns

If you love nature and the beautiful patterns it creates, eco printing is a fantastic way to implement new textures and patterns to your papers. There are so many ways to do it: you can create simple designs with distinct shapes and colours from your plant materials, or you could layer your materials and create more complex designs for your artwork.

Use Existing Art Materials & Household Staples

Eco printing can be done with your existing art materials such as watercolour or print making paper, in combination with some common household staples. And, of course, foliage from your yard.

Collect Your Foliage in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to collect materials for your artwork, not only for the gorgeous colours of autumn leaves, but it is also better for your trees, shrubs, and flowers to not remove pieces while they’re alive and thriving. Wait until your leaves have fallen off the tree, your flowers are finishing their blooms, and any cutoffs if you are already pruning your trees and shrubs.

Learn Eco Printing in My Online Class

If you would like to learn how to do eco printing with me, I welcome you to download our online class, Eco Printed Accordion Book. This class can be taken at your convenience, and includes details on the materials you’ll need, step-by-step instructions on how to create eco printed watercolour paper, and how to turn your newly made pages into an accordion book of your design.


If you have any questions about eco printing, I’ll be happy to help. Feel free to contact me through my online form or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram today! Happy creating!