Why Art Is Necessary For Life

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It finally dawned on me. I need art in order to survive. If I don’t look at art regularly, I can’t function in the real world. For me, looking at a piece of art is a departure from this world. One is instantly transported to the moment of interaction that takes place when the viewer and the art meet simutaneously. In order to view a piece of art, attention in required. We have to be in the moment. All the clutter of our life is departed from and immediately we are at one in that instance. This is where the magic takes place and we can fully appreciate the purpose of the piece we are viewing. A departure from our life in this way can reawaken our soul and bring us into alignment with our true purpose. This is why I/we need art.
 I took this photo on one of my walks in the Red Deer river valley. I’m not sure who did this piece of graffitti but, the lighting and setting

were magical as I snapped my photo. Kudos to the graffitti artist who created this.

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