Winter Inspiration

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Winter time is a great source of inspiration. On sunny days I like to head out for a run on our trail system. Often there are areas along the trail with various bird populations. On this particular day, my running partner and I stopped to look at the chickadees in the woods. We stood still and held out our arms and the chickadees flew right into our palms. It was an interesting feeling to have tiny little claws perched on your fingers. At that moment, I felt at one with nature.

I find running outdoors often provides me great inspiration for painting. I am thankful I have the opportunity and health to go for runs. If we can just slow down the pace of life long enough to enjoy all the gifts it has to offer, unexpected opportunities arrive like the little birdie that landed on my hand.

The practice of creativity works much the same way. If we show up to create, the ideas will come! This painting came as a result of one of my winter runs.

If you are looking for inspiration for your art projects, I encourage you to head outdoors and see the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. You may be surprised by what you encounter.



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